Senior CRM Manager

Joyvoo is looking for a brilliant Senior CRM Manager!

As a CRM Manager, you’ll be responsible for all game monetization, promotions and activities, inside and outside our game.

The CRM manager planning, coordinates and oversees the production, configuration and execution of multichannel CRM campaigns. 

Joyvoo, a mobile gaming company, was founded to inspire players with magical, surprising, and entertaining applications.

Available on multiple mobile platforms, our games combine the latest technology, graphics, and sound with imaginative content that transports players to a world of fun.

The Mission:

• Operate and plan the CRM tools required to configure, deploy, and maintain multichannel CRM campaigns.

• Handle the whole CRM calendar for at least 3 apps

• Actively participate in the establishment, follow up and optimization of campaign KPIs.

• Work closely with our partners as consultants on CRM best practices during the implementation and live phase of game-related messaging channels (live phases, in-game news, web news etc).

• Be proactive and flexible on a day-to-day level, and be able to work in a fast-paced environment subject to short notice changes/updates.

• Implement targeted content rules and appropriate personalization data (personal and game stats) to support the campaign’s objectives.

• Work with game development and BI/analytics teams to develop an in-depth understanding of player behaviors and campaign responsiveness.

• Manage the flows and the attribution of access keys for a game’s various development phases (alpha and beta).

• Validate and ensure the quality of all campaigns before they are released.

• Ensure the highest level of deliverability for each channel and work closely with the analytics/BI teams to report on performance indicators.


• BA/BS degree with ties to digital marketing, computer sciences, or online technologies.

• 4 years of professional experience operating CRM tools.

• A problem-solver mindset.

• Enjoying working with numbers and data to find thought-provoking and workable solutions to problems.

• Experience in leveraging customer data for targeted CRM campaigns.

• Understanding of Tableau/Google Analytics/HTML/CSS is an asset.

• Good understanding of database structure – SQL language is an asset.

• Knowledge of CRM key performance indicators and CRM best practices.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills in English.

• Passion for gaming, technology, and internet culture.